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Chapter 2. Stage Fright > Symptoms and Solutions - Pg. 15

Stage Fright · Right before you enter the room where you'll be giving your speech, swing your arms a few times, alternating each side. 15 The "Less Pain, Still Gain" Approach Here are even a few more suggestions you can try. As always, select the ones that work best for you. But first, why not try them all on for size? · Conjure up a pleasant daydream, such as a Caribbean vacation, a camping trip, or a monster- sized income tax refund. Try to make your daydream as vivid as possible; thinking about some- thing pleasant will help you release tension. · Psyche yourself up. Tell yourself, "I am completely prepared. I wrote a good speech, and I know it thoroughly. I will go out there and do a wonderful job." Symptoms and Solutions Use these ideas to help you overcome some of the most common (and upsetting) symptoms of stage fright. Symptoms 1. Trembling hands 2. Tongue-twisted speech 3. Shortness of breath Solutions Use 3-by-5-inch cards. Don't hold them, though: Instead, place them on the lectern and slide each card to one side after it has been used. Slow down! Pause between words and sentences. No one has a train to catch. Breath from your diaphragm (your stomach) and through your nose. Don't breath through your mouth.