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Chapter 2. Stage Fright > Why You're Afraid - Pg. 10

Stage Fright Stage Fright Quiz When you have to speak in public... · Your stomach churns. · Your palms sweat. · Your forehead perspires. · Your heart pounds. · Your mouth gets dry. · You start to twitch. · Your armpits get really, really, really damp. · Your hands shake. · Your legs feel wobbly. · Your knees give way. · You feel nauseous. · You wish you were dead. How bad is your case of stage fright? Let's find out. If you said "yes" to... 10­12 answers 8­9 answers 5­7 answers 1­4 answers You need me, you really need me. Have some chocolate while you read this chapter. This isn't going to hurt a bit. Start booking those speaking engagements! ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___yes ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no ___no 10 The Downside