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Chapter 23. Speaking Off-the-Cuff > Practice Makes Perfect - Pg. 196

Speaking Off-the-Cuff · · · · · I am involved with my subject. I care about my audience. I know my subject. I recognize that impromptu speeches are not perfect. I'll do great. 196 If that doesn't work, you can always try, "I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and people like me!" (Yes, we're kidding.) Practice Makes Perfect Use the following activity to help you gain experience with impromptu speaking. This will help you develop the ability to make choices through reasoning. Write your answers to the questions on paper, then draft a speech as instructed. 1. You are forced to give up the following modern conveniences: · Radio · Stereo · CD player · Refrigerator · Telephone · Washing machine · Dishwasher · Microwave oven · Bathroom · Television In what order will you sacrifice each item? Arrange them from most to least important. Jot down some reasons for your choices. Give the speech. 2. 3. 4. Use the following checklist to prepare for an off-the-cuff presentation. Check off each item to help you assess each impromptu speaking situation. Impromptu Speaking Checklist Who will be at the meeting? What will probably happen at this meeting? What is the likelihood that I will be asked to speak? How much do I know about the topic of the meeting? What should I prepare at home? What should I prepare at the meeting? What comments are likely to spark controversy? Should I use these comments or avoid them? How can I organize my remarks? How can I make my remarks impressive?