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Chapter 23. Speaking Off-the-Cuff > When the Well Runs Dry - Pg. 195

Speaking Off-the-Cuff 195 Be sure that your pauses come between thought units and not in the middle of them. And don't be afraid to pause whenever a break in your speech will help clarify an idea or emphasize an important point. When the Well Runs Dry But what happens if you follow all this great advice and you still find that you have absolutely nothing to say? Class Act If you tell the truth during a Q & A session, you don't have to remember any lies. This can prevent tacky and embarrassing misstatements down the road when someone checks the statistics you casually--and errone- ously--tossed off. Perhaps the most nerve-wracking situation occurs when someone at a meeting asks you for your opinion and you're caught completely off-guard. The question you're asked is virgin ground to you; you've never given it a thought. You have nothing prepared at all, neither fact nor figure anywhere near your fingertips. You're dead meat, right? Actually, you might still be able to rescue yourself. Take a deep breath, stand up straight, look ahead,