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Chapter 28. Smashing the Sound Barrier > Pump Up the Volume: Using a Microphone - Pg. 238

Smashing the Sound Barrier 238 Class Act The larger the group you're addressing, the more breath you'll need. As a result, the more aware you must be of your breathing. We pamper our cars, cats, and computers, but how many people take care of their vocal cords? Not many, I bet. However, from now on, you're going to be nice to your vocal cords. Here's how: · · · · Try not to yell, since this can strain your vocal cords and make it hard for you to produce sounds. If possible, avoid excessive coughing, since this can also damage your vocal cords. Ditto on excessively clearing your throat. Treat sore throats promptly. Don't let a sore throat go untended, especially if it's accompanied by a fever. · Drink room temperature water, not cold water, before speaking. Your vocal cords don't like cold drinks. Pump Up the Volume: Using a Microphone A microphone or public address system can help you communicate much more easily with a large