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Chapter 26. Preparing and Using Visual Aids > Overhead Projectors - Pg. 223

Preparing and Using Visual Aids Props such as models and objects can be tricky to use. Try these suggestions: · Be sure to display the object long enough for everyone to get a good look. 223 Speech of the Devil If you point out something on a visual display, be sure that you're pointing where you want to point. Pointing to the wrong place on a display makes even the most accomplished speaker look foolish. · Lift the object into the air, hold it steady for a few moments, and then move it slowly so that everyone in the audience has a chance to see it. · Don't talk while people are looking at the object. This will ensure that people pay full attention to what you're saying. Also, your audience won't feel like they're missing something if they don't hear you because they're studying your model. If the object isn't fragile or valuable, pass it around after your speech. This way, it won't distract from what you're saying. If you're going to pass the model around, be sure to clearly specify the direction in which you want it to be handed. For example,you can say, "Please pass this from the front to the back of the auditorium." If your speech is informative, supplement the object with a diagram of it. You can display the diagram on an overhead projector or slide. If you show the diagram on a handout, remember that the same