Preparing and Using Visual Aids 5. 225 6. Explain the purpose of the tape before you play it. The exception to this rule: If you're opening your speech with a dramatic video, don't reveal the surprise. Show the video without intro- ductory comment. Show interest in the tape, and watch it with your audience. Summarize the main points after you have shown the tape. The Least You Need to Know · Audiotapes are a superb way to present advertising slogans, short messages to focus groups, and music. · If you use a blackboard, try to complete the drawing before you begin your speech. · Suit the type of chart and diagram to your topic and audience. · Films are a great way to get emotional appeal into a persuasive speech. · Flip charts work best with small groups. · Distribute all handouts after your speech, not before or during it. · Be certain that overhead projectors, slide projectors, and VCRs are working correctly. · When it comes to audiovisuals, you can never be too prepared.