Preparing and Using Visual Aids 222 Distributing handouts is a tricky business. On one hand, distributing handouts during the speech supplies a concrete example of your topic that participants can refer to while you speak. This helps people follow the key points in your presentation. On the other hand, handouts can be a distraction. Handing out papers takes up valuable time and distracts the audience. Furthermore, people will likely read the handouts rather than listen to you speak. As a result, I recommend that you distribute any handout you might have after your speech. This way, participants will have the materials but still will be attentive during your speech. (Be sure to have extra handouts for unexpected participants.) Maps Maps can help you clarify the positions of countries, rivers, mountains, and other landforms and bodies of water. For ease of use and display, mount maps on stiff board. If you require a specialized map, you can always prepare your own maps. If you choose to do this, use bold colors and a standard map legend. Class Act Prepare handouts on a computer, if possible. Resist the temptation to use many computer fonts; this can make