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Chapter 21. Persuasive Speeches > Dead, But Not Forgotten: Eulogies - Pg. 174

Persuasive Speeches 2. 174 3. 4. 5. Define the problem you share, and then show how your budget will solve it.Your task is to convince your audience that something must be done before you can convince them that your budget is the solution. Explain specifically how your budget will solve problems.Keep personalities out of the discus- sion; don't use the words "I" or "my." Show how the advantages of your budget outweigh the disadvantages.Depending on your budget, possible disadvantages might include a decrease in personnel, supplies, office space, or vacation time. Possible advantages might include greater profits, market share, promotions, office space, or vacation time. Tell the audience members what you want them to do: support your budget.Get your audience to act quickly, perhaps by offering an additional incentive. For example, "By passing the budget now, we can avoid laying off additional people this quarter," or, "We can move into the new office space this year instead of next if we pass the budget now." Checkpoint Charlie "Would you buy a used car from that person?" Use the following checklist to ensure against anyone saying that about your sales presentation. Styles Presentation Checklist Did I analyze my audience? Did I meet my audience's needs? Did I adjust my speech to deal with changing needs?