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Chapter 21. Persuasive Speeches > Sales Presentations - Pg. 171

Persuasive Speeches 171 · Political candidates wooing voter support and TV commercials pitching the latest toothpaste · Salespeople urging you to buy their widget and a charity trying to convince people to donate money · A committee trying to iron out a difficult problem and two people working together to solve a dilemma All involve forms of persuasive public speaking. When your purpose is to influence your audience or alter their beliefs or attitudes, you're speaking to persuade. Talk Soup Persuasive speeches aim to move an audience to belief or action. Whether you're selling wares or ideas, effective persuasion is based on accurate logic, powerful appeals to emotion, and trust. Persuasive speeches include making sales presentations, selling budgets and ideas, solving problems, delivering eulogies, running for election, and nominating a candidate for office. Three on a Match Three types of persuasive speeches exist: