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Chapter 10. My Way or the Highway: Speak... > Truth or Consequences - Pg. 78

My Way or the Highway: Speaking to Persuade Evoke their goodwill by... · · · · · · Complimenting the audience on its good points Identifying with a person the audience admires Speaking with confidence Using the appropriate tone Showing powerful body language Standing upright 78 Be properly enthusiastic by... · Avoiding false bravado · Believing in what you're saying Truth or Consequences Faulty logic can demolish even the most carefully constructed speech--and it's one of the surest ways to lose an audience. Following are the common errors in reasoning, referred to as logic falla- cies. Begging the Question This logic error consists of stating a position that needs to be proven as though it has already been proven. For instance: The question we must resolve is whether Dr. Wilson should be granted tenure with such an