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Chapter 10. My Way or the Highway: Speak... > Appealing to Emotion - Pg. 77

My Way or the Highway: Speaking to Persuade 77 Appealing to Emotion An emotional appeal makes the audience want to do what you ask. A powerful speech can derive its strength from facts and logic, but reason never rely on reason at the expense of emotion. Lis- teners have a limited ability to appreciate a complicated argu-ment or soak up reams of information. As a result, many effective public speakers make their case by emotional means as much as by intellectual ones. Because speakers also have voice and nonverbal communication as part of their arsenal, a speaker can often use emotional appeals much more effectively than a writer. When speakers use emotional appeals, they seduce the audience by tapping needs we all share. Here are some of these needs: · Physical needs:These are what you need to survive. They include the need for food, water, sleep, air, and protection from injury or harm. · Psychological needs:These make up a person's inner life. They include the need for love, af- fection, security, and self-esteem. · Social needs:These tie into a person's relationship to a group. They include status, power, freedom, approval, belonging, and conformity. Select a persuasive strategy based on your answers to the following four questions: · What do you want your audience to do? Class Act