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Chapter 10. My Way or the Highway: Speak... > Appealing to Logic - Pg. 75

My Way or the Highway: Speaking to Persuade 75 Class Act You can check in reference sources such as Who's Who, Who Was Who, Something About the Author, and The Dictionary of Literary Biography to find out more about an author. · Are facts or statistics cited in a vacuum? · Does the quotation reflect the overall content of the source, or does it reflect only a minor detail? · Has key information been omitted? Appropriateness For a source to make the final cut, it must fit with your audience, purpose, and tone. It must be appropriate to the topic and occasion. How can you decide whether a source is suitable for inclusion in your speech? Try these suggestions: · What makes this source fit my audience? · Does this source contain information you need? · Does the source suit the purpose of your speech? Taking a Side