My Way or the Highway: Speaking to Persuade InfoSeek ( is a full-text search system. Yahoo ( of the most famous search engines, Yahoo lists more than 200,000 Web sites in more than 20,000 categories. You can access other search engines from Yahoo as well. WebCrawler ( site is used by America Online. 74 Quality As Spencer Tracey said about Katharine Hepburn in the movie Adam's Rib , "There's not much meat on her, but what there is is choice." Research source materials are like movie stars: quality counts. You want only the choice cuts for your speech. If the material isn't of the highest quality, it won't support your thesis, convince your audience of your point, or stand up under your listener's scrutiny. In fact, low-quality material will have just the opposite effect. That's why it's important to evaluate the quality of every source before you decide to include it in your speech. Check the source writer's qualifications. Is this someone you trust to give a valid opinion? Here are some other factors to consider: · What is the writer's reputation? Speech of the Devil