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Part: 5 Master of Your Domain > Preparing and Using Visual Aids - Pg. 216

216 Chapter 26. Preparing and Using Visual Aids In This Chapter · Audiotapes · Blackboards · Charts, graphs, and computers · Diagrams and films · Flip charts and posters · Handouts, maps, and models · Overhead projectors, photographs, and slides · Videotapes This chapter zooms in on the specifics of integrating visuals into your speeches. You'll learn how to prepare and use audiotapes, the blackboard, and charts, and you'll also learn about graphs and computers. And let's not forget diagrams, films, flip charts, and posters. Other sections deal with handouts, maps, and models, and we also cover overhead projectors, photographs, and slides. The chapter concludes with a complete section on using videotapes to enhance your presentations. In other words, you'll find everything you need to know about using specific types of visual aids. Audiotapes Audiotapes are a superb way to present advertising slogans, short messages to focus groups, and music. What's more, they're easy to carry; even the recorder doesn't weigh much. Here's how to best use audiotapes: