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Chapter 30. Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: ... > Know When to Fold Them - Pg. 253

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: Body Language 253 Know When to Fold Them We all feel comfortable with a specific series of gestures, just as we all feel comfortable with a specific level of language. Within day-to-day communication, we choose our gestures as uncon- sciously as we choose our words. But when it comes to making a speech, our gestures must fit the time, place, and subject, just as our words must suit our audience. Gestures should feel natural and appropriate to your audience, not forced or insulting. In other words, you might need to drop some of your body language if your speech requires it. Talk Soup Platform movement refers to nonverbal communication that involves the entire body. One of my favorite techniques is to rise to my full height and then settle back comfortably. I also position my legs slightly apart for stability and power. And I tilt my head back just a little. This helps my voice project and conveys the attitude of ease and assurance. Just as we improve on our language by studying books and listening to people speak, we also can improve the effect of our body language by studying ourselves and others. Here's how: · Stand in front of a mirror, or video-tape yourself delivering your speech.