Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: Body Language · Giving questioning looks · Clapping · Fidgeting 250 Are people yawning, scratching their heads, or reading their newspapers? This suggests that your speech isn't engaging their attention. But if people are smiling at you, nodding their heads, and taking notes, you know that your speech is being well-received. Here's how to make effective eye contact: · As you speak, look at one member of the audience for about a minute. Pause long enough to finish a thought and make a connection. · Turn your head slightly to look at someone else. · Include people from all over the room, especially those at the side of the room near the front. Remember that every public speaking event is a performance, and the most convincing perform- ances acknowledge the audience. Even in a large audience, if the speaker looks at people's feet instead of their faces, it registers with the audience. Each person looking at you deserves a look back. Let your eyes show that you know the audience is out there and that you care. Class Act Don't stand with your arms crossed or your hands in your pockets. This posture prevents you from gesturing