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Chapter 30. Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: ... > The Eyes Have It - Pg. 249

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: Body Language Try these tips for making sure that your body language conveys authority: · · · · · · Walk to the platform energetically, but not hastily. Arrange your notes on the lectern. Hold your head high. Stand straight, with your shoulders back. Look at your audience. Pause for a few moments before beginning to speak. 249 The Eyes Have It As you speak, establish eye contact with different members of your audience. This suggests to your listeners that you're speaking directly to them, just as you would if you were holding a one-on-one conversation. Giving someone your attention indicates respect, interest, and self-confidence. The greater the proportion of speaking time that you devote to eye contact, the deeper and more positive an impression you convey. Encores and Exits