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Chapter 33. Last Licks > Speaker's Bureaus - Pg. 271

Last Licks 271 · You're the director of a manufacturing plant. People in the community are concerned that your plant is dumping industrial waste. · You're an administrator at a hospital that has just opened a new clinic. You want to get the word out to the community about your services. · You're employed by a telecommunications company. You want to convince people that they should switch their phone and fax service to your company. · You're the manager of a supermarket and need to pursue customers more aggressively. · You're a naturalist employed by the Environmental Protection Agency. As part of your job, you want to teach community members ways to conserve natural resources, such as water, soil, and air. Many professionals in these and similar situations use a speaker's bureau . This is an organized effort to convey the company's message to specific groups. More firms are discovering that speak- er's bureaus are cost-effective ways to reach people in business, social groups, schools, religious organizations, and community affairs. First, the bureau needs to be set up, the materials developed, and the speakers trained. The public can then call and request a speech by a member of the bureau. Here are some guidelines for establishing a speaker's bureau: 1. Membership.Decide who is eligible for membership in your speaker's bureau. For example, are all employees included, or only full-time people? Do you want both current and retired employees? Management and union? Entry-level and upper-management? Many speaker's bureaus include a cross-section of employees to meet the widest possible needs of the or- ganization.