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Part: 2 It's All in the Planning - Pg. 38

38 Part 2. It's All in the Planning In a recent interview, John H. Johnson, the owner and publisher of Ebony magazine said this: "I developed my communication skills as a technique of survival. I was born in poverty and spent two years on the welfare rolls, and I learned early that I had to communicate or die. And so I talked my way out of poverty--I communicated my way to the top." (source: John H. Johnson, owner and publisher of Ebony magazine, quoted in Gloria Gordon, "ECEL Award Winner John H. Johnson Communicates Success." IABC Communication World 6, no. 6 [May 1989]: 18­19.) As Johnson's experience shows, learning how to speak in public with confidence can have a tre- mendous positive impact on your life. Let's find out how you can plan speeches that will communi- cate your message effectively and powerfully.