Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Speaking to Inform Don't select a theme that embarrasses you--or anyone else. Remember, you're under no obligation to speak about anything that makes you uncomfortable. 66 · · · · · · · What have we accomplished during my tenure? Why do I enjoy my hobbies? Have I been able to turn any hobbies into jobs? What community work gives me the greatest pleasure? What makes my company different or special? How has our organization helped the community? What was our company's most recent success? Don't get too hung-up on setting aside time for thinking about themes. We're not advocating pro- crastination as a lifestyle, but spending hours hunched over your desk while pulling out your hair isn't a great solution, either. You can plan a speech while you're doing the dishes. Sometimes your best ideas will come when you least expect them--and the dishes will get done, too! Need more assistance? Here's a list of useful sources. · · · · · · · Academic journals Trade magazines Newspapers Training films Foreign publications Television Painting and sculpture