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Chapter 9. Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Speaking to... > What If You Have Nothing to Say? - Pg. 65

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Speaking to Inform 9. 10. Stocks and bonds How to invest wisely in the bond market 65 You're on to me, aren't you? In each case, the even-numbered choice is better because it has been narrowed enough to make a good base for a 20-minute speech. The odd-numbered topics are wide enough to be used as suspension bridges. Joined at the Hip Class Act Many people find that writing down their specific purpose--to convey information--helps them focus their thinking and stay on the topic. Why not try it yourself? Once you have your theme, you're ready to locate the second and third most important points to make. However, everything in the speech must directly link to the theme. Make secondary points only if they do not detract from the impact of your primary theme. Also keep your audience in mind as you develop your main ideas. Remember, your speech must be carefully tailored to meet your audience's needs and interests. Refer to Chapter 7, "Getting to Know You: Audience Analysis," for