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Chapter 7. Getting to Know You: Audience... > Appearance Doesn't Matter—Or Does It... - Pg. 50

Getting to Know You: Audience Analysis 50 Adjust your speech to the size of the audience. For example, if 15 or fewer people are in attendance, you can strengthen your points with personal references to audience members. Here's how one speaker personalized her speech: "It's important to order at least 10 extra books to account for late registration, as Dr. Brown discovered with her British Literature 101 course last semester." Person- alization also works well with large audiences. It builds connections. Age Before Beauty Age is another audience consideration. Find out if you will be speaking to people who are younger than you are, who are your age, or who are older than you. Then select material that's right for the people in your particular audience. Consider what effect the age of your audience might have on these elements of your speech: · Topic Speech of the Devil With speeches, one size does not fit all. It's rarely a good idea to give the same speech to different audi- ences. No two audiences are alike; the closer you tailor your speech to your audience, the better your speech will be.