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Chapter 7. Getting to Know You: Audience... > People Who Need People - Pg. 47

Getting to Know You: Audience Analysis 47 To be an effective public speaker, you need to understand how your audience is likely to react to what you say and how you say it. That doesn't mean you have to be all things to all people, however. You can meet your audience's needs in a superlative way, without becoming Tecumseh "Bubba" Goldstein. Audience analysis helps speakers decide how best to grab their audience from the very beginning and hold them throughout. Successful speakers take into account the audience's interests, level of knowledge, and specific requirements. This chapter will help you analyze your audience and match your speech to their needs. Why Me? Let's start at the very beginning--the reason why you were asked to speak in the first place. In some cases, you received an invitation requesting that you speak for a specific occasion. This invitation no doubt explains why you were invited, but still, consider what you have to offer the audience. Here are some possibilities: · You're well-known and will draw people to the event. (This is common with a fund-raising or charity event.) Class Act