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Chapter 7. Getting to Know You: Audience... > Location, Location, Location - Pg. 53

Getting to Know You: Audience Analysis 53 Or you may be speaking in the middle of the program. In these instances, you are carrying the entire weight of the event, since the bulk of the program will be under your control. If you're part of a panel, you want your speech to blend in with those of your peers. At the same time, you also want your speech to stand out in a positive way. Listen to what your peers have to say. Match their time limit, or speak for a little less time. Talk to panel members ahead of time to find out what they are going to say so you'll present fresh material. Find out where your speech falls on the agenda. And don't be afraid to change your spot if you think it can lead to a better speech and better use of your time. Location, Location, Location The three most important rules for real estate--"location, location, location"--also work for suc- cessful public speaking. Where you will be speaking can be as important as when and why. Re- search the place where the speech will take place so that you can tap topics of local interest, such as famous local people, inventions, and athletic teams. On the flip side, something may be going on in the town where you're speaking that you would like not to mention in your speech. For example, jokes about California earthquakes won't work if the place where you're speaking has just been hit with a series of tremors. Even the room where you deliver your speech can impact your speech. Use the following guidelines. In a small meeting room... · There's probably no microphone, so remember to project your voice. Class Act