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Chapter 13. Getting Organized > Be Supportive - Pg. 106

Getting Organized 106 Strong organization has another key benefit: It helps you remember what you planned to say, which is espe- cially important if you're nervous. Further, Bob notices that the ideas are not in any specific order that an audience could follow. Which method of organization is best suited to the topic? After looking over the list carefully, Bob decides to arrange his information in chronological order. Here's what his revised list looks like: · The Golden Age of comics (1938­1950) · The Silver Age of comics (1952­1972) and the Marvel Age (1962­1980s) · Comics in the Mainstream (Batman, Richie Rich, Casper) (1980s­present) Bob's next task will be to arrange his ideas into an outline. This is covered in Chapter 14, "Time to Outline." The Least You Need to Know · Everyday, garden-variety effective speeches usually run about 20 minutes. · Speeches should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. · Speeches should also have a clear method of organization. · Three of the most common methods are chronological order, problem-solution, and topical order. · Details, examples, and other back-up proofs must be subordinated to help the audience follow your main idea.