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Chapter 13. Getting Organized > Be Supportive - Pg. 105

Getting Organized 105 Encores and Exits Looking for facts and examples? Here are some useful business-related databases: · ABI/Inform:Bibliographic information on most business-related subjects, including companies, products, and industries · F&S Plus Text International:Information on international companies, products, and industries · Statistical Masterfile:Index to statistical data published by the U.S. government, state governments, pri- vate companies, trade associations, and university research bureaus · ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center):Citations and abstracts on educational research Follow the Leader Imagine that a mythical figure named Bob has been invited to speak before a rabid group of comic fans because he is a noted comic book collector with an enviable comic art and comic book collec- tion. Bob read the first part of this chapter carefully, so he has already limited his speech to a brisk 20 minutes. His topic is, not surprisingly, comics. After Bob does some research, he discovers that close to a ton of books exist on the subject of comics. He realizes that there's no way that he can explain everything there is to know about comics