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Chapter 6. Fun with SPAM > Method - Pg. 43

Fun with SPAM 43 Talk Soup Audience refers to the people to whom the speech is directed. Audience is so important, in fact, that we've devoted an entire chapter to it. Chapter 7, "Getting to Know You: Audience Analysis," covers every aspect of audience analysis. Because the audience is comprised of the people to whom the speech is directed, audience is part of the situation as well. Remember that the speaker's purpose is to affect the audience in a planned, deliberate way. The audience's response determines whether the speech has flown or flopped. Situation, purpose, and audience are therefore very closely linked. Method Once you have determined your public speaking situation, purpose, and audience, it's time to con- sider the method . Method is any means of adapting the message to the audience. As the speaker, you select the method or methods that you think will work best. Talk Soup