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Chapter 6. Fun with SPAM > Method - Pg. 45

Fun with SPAM 45 DO YOU KNOW that in eight of the provinces of Canada--Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan--tax-paying wid- ows and spinsters have the municipal vote, while in Nova Scotia married women whose hus- bands are not voters are included also? DO YOU KNOW that women have the municipal vote in Rangoon, the capital of Burma; in Belize, the capital of British Honduras; and in the cities of Baroda and Bombay in British India; and that in certain provinces of Austria, Hungary, and Russia they have limited communal franchise rights? The Least You Need to Know · Situation is the time and place where you deliver your speech. It includes the physical, social, psychological, and time element in which communication takes place. · Purpose is the goal the speaker hopes to achieve with his or her speech. · Audience refers to the people to whom the speech is directed. · Method is the speaker's means of adapting the message to the audience. Method includes the speaker's tools and strategies, such as organization, language, and mood. · Consider all four factors when planning your speech.