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Chapter 22. Entertaining Speeches > Speaking at Conventions - Pg. 185

Entertaining Speeches 185 In Grateful Appreciation You can use these questions as you prepare a speech to present an award. Award Presentation Checklist Can I be generous with my praise? Can I use true anecdotes from the person's life to make my speech personal? Can I give specific reasons why the person deserves this award? Can I make it clear how this person's involvement made a difference to others? Is my speech earnest? Does my speech have an uplifting, inspirational tone? Take the Money and Run: Receiving an Award Follow these steps to accept an award with your usual good grace and taste: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thank and praise the giver of the award. Acknowledge the help you got from others. Explain how much the award means to you and why. Speak directly and to the point so the audience doesn't become restless. Explain the positive values you see in the award.