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Chapter 22. Entertaining Speeches > Going to the Chapel: Speaking at Weddings - Pg. 187

Entertaining Speeches 187 Asked to speak at your reunion? Focus on experiences shared by everyone in attendance, like the time the gym teacher fell off the donkey at the basketball game. These speeches are most successful when the speaker is able to tell stories that will help the audience recall shared events. They also need to have a central theme as a unifying element. The Best Man 1. 2. Thank the bride and groom for asking you to be the best man. Praise the bride and groom. Choose a theme or main idea, and center your speech around it. Remember to mention any close friends or relatives who were unable to attend and who pro- pose a toast to the bride. Wish the bride and groom well in their new life together. Thank your hosts on behalf of the guests, and introduce the next speaker. 3. 4. Father of the Bride 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Welcome the groom's parents by name, followed by other relatives of both families. Then welcome friends, and any distinguished guests, by name if appropriate. Thank the special services by name such as caterers and voluntary helpers. Praise the bride--both her appearance and her achievements--and thank her for her part in your family. Welcome the groom into the family with words of praise. Offer words of wisdom to newlyweds; these are usually light-hearted and humorous. Wish the