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Chapter 31. Dress and Grooming > A Clean Machine - Pg. 259

Dress and Grooming 259 I can't stress enough how important it is to dress appropriately when you give a presentation. It's better to make a credible first impression by looking as if you are interested in giving a good speech. The small details add up to a big impression: Make it a good one. A Clean Machine Personal hygiene is as important as clothing, and cleanliness and neatness are always necessary giving a speech or presentation. Being dirty or sloppy conveys the impression that you don't care about the audience. In effect, you're saying, "I'm not interested in giving this speech, so I didn't take much time getting ready to address you." Messy speakers come across as slobs--and inconsiderate ones, at that. Speech of the Devil Interviews with dozens of executives, both male and female, reveal that it still isn't acceptable to look too feminine or too sexy in a formal speech setting. Here are some suggestions for being a clean speaking machine: · Bathe that morning with deodorant soap.