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Chapter 31. Dress and Grooming > Night Moves - Pg. 261

Dress and Grooming 261 Class Act Be sure to check the date of the speech, especially if you haven't been in touch with the organization for several months after the initial contact. You don't want to miss the engagement entirely because you misread the date! (And yes, this happens to more speakers than you can imagine.) · · · · · · · A bottle of water. This is usually provided, but you can never be sure. A small snack, such as a piece of fruit. Tissues. Breath mints. Pens. Business cards. Deodorant. The Least You Need to Know · Select attire that suits your personal style, purpose, audience, and the occasion at which you're speaking. · As important as clothing is your personal hygiene. Be clean. · Get plenty of sleep the night before your speech, eat right, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. · Pack business cards and an emergency bag.