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Chapter 31. Dress and Grooming > Dress for Success - Pg. 258

Dress and Grooming 5. 258 6. 7. 8. Consider the audience.Orthodox Jewish people believe that women should dress modestly, with demure but elegant clothing. Hems are long, shoulders are covered, colors are subdued. As a result, I was shocked several years ago to see a female speaker at an Orthodox Jewish funeral wearing a tight, sexy, sleeveless black dress. The daughter of a rabbi, the speaker obviously knew that she was dressed inappropriately for the occasion, but she was clearly more concerned with making a personal statement than honoring the occasion. As a result, her words were totally obscured by her appearance. Don't let this happen to you: Always know your audience. Watch the color of your clothing.Studies have shown that black uniforms make football play- ers appear--and act--meaner. Brown suits often convey an impression of weakness. Men, consider navy blue or gray suits if the occasion is formal, or conservative sport coats for more relaxed speaking engagements. Women should stay away from neon colors or other eye- popping shades and patterns--these are distracting to the audience. Choose comfortable shoes.For years, my personal motto was: "If the shoe fits, don't buy it." I had a wardrobe of gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes. That was before I had three (yes, three) rounds of surgery to correct the years of damage I had done to my tootsies. Now I know better, and my shoes are always comfortable. Remember that you'll be on your feet delivering your speech and fielding questions. The last thing you want to deal with is sore, aching feet. Trust me: I speak from years of experience on this one. Take care of the details.Here are some things to check: · Check your heels to make sure that they aren't worn down. · Make sure that your shoes are shined. · See that your hem is securely sewed in place.