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Chapter 32. Delivery > I'm Glad You Asked Me That… - Pg. 267

Delivery 267 Speech of the Devil Never make faces when you make a mistake. It's the same as holding up a sign that says, "Wow! I goofed!" Then there are the actively evil sorts: the hecklers who think they know more than you do and that it's their responsibility to point it out to everyone else. Hecklers can rattle you and make it hard for you to continue your speech. (It's especially difficult when they're drunk.) Fortunately, hecklers aren't a frequent problem for most public speakers. You're far more likely to suffer through the gum-crackers and chattering children. But here's what to do just in case: · Settle the issue with your host beforehand. Tell your host that if anyone in the audience is overtly rude, you'll pause to allow your host the time to remove him or her from the audience. · Pause and wait a moment for the heckler to settle down. Chances are good that other audience members will try to hush him or her, since you've already won them over to your side with your opening remarks. And even if you haven't prearranged this, your host might use your pause to remove the offender. · If all else fails, stop the speech and ask for the heckler to be removed. You deserve basic consideration.