Debate and Parliamentary Procedure 205 With the cross-examination format, two speakers represent each side. Here, constructive speeches come first, followed by cross-examinations. A member of the opposing team will then try to reveal the weaknesses in each speaker's arguments by asking the speaker questions. This is how it shakes down. Notice that the debates following the cross-examination format are different from the debates following the standard format in only one respect: Each constructive speech is followed by a cross- examination period. Part First affirmative constructive speech First negative speaker cross-examines First negative constructive speech Second affirmative speaker cross-examines Second affirmative constructive speech Second negative speaker cross-examines Second negative constructive speech First affirmative speaker cross-examines First negative speaker's rebuttal First affirmative speaker's rebuttal Second negative speaker's rebuttal Second affirmative speaker's rebuttal Time 8 minutes 3 minutes 8 minutes 3 minutes 8 minutes 3 minutes 8 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes 4 minutes 4 minutes 4 minutes Lincoln-Douglas Format In a Lincoln-Douglas debate format, each side is represented by only one speaker. In effect, a