Debate and Parliamentary Procedure 6. 7. 8. 204 9. Agree on a time table--when must each part of the debate be finished? Divide the responsibilities fairly. Make sure that neither partner feels put-upon or disenfran- chised. Agree about what to do up-front if you or your partner falls behind and won't be able to meet a deadline. Use some of your meetings to review what you and your partner have accom- plished already. During the debate, listen carefully when your partner is speaking. Make sure everything you say agrees with what your partner has said. Class Act Set new expectations and deadlines as appropriate. Debate partners usually discover as the project moves along that the original time table and division of labor need to be modified. This helps ensure that the work doesn't all pile up at the end. 10. Resolve disagreements quickly--and privately. Don't air your grievances in public. Debate Format Many different formats can be used during a debate. The choice of format depends on the amount of time available, the nature of the issue, and the number of debaters on each team. The three main formats of debate are the standard format, the cross-examination format, and the Lincoln-Douglas format. Let's look at each one. Standard Format With the standard format, the two speakers on each team make two different types of speeches. Each speaker gives a constructive speech and a rebuttal. The constructive speeches, used to de- velop the major points for each team's case, are long, usually 8­10 minutes each. Rebuttals, used to refute the opposition's arguments and answer arguments to one's own case, are about half that length. Here's the breakdown of task and time: Part First affirmative constructive speech First negative constructive speech Second affirmative constructive speech Second negative constructive speech First negative speaker's rebuttal First affirmative speaker's rebuttal Second negative speaker's rebuttal Second affirmative speaker's rebuttal Time 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes Cross-Examination Format