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Debate and Parliamentary Procedure (etc.) 203 Conclusion I. II. Since _______________________________________________________________, and Since _______________________________________________________________ Therefore (affirm or deny the proposition) Are Three Enough? Are Six Too Many? A note about evidence: When you write an informative, persuasive, or entertaining speech, you normally gather only the evidence you need. Why stockpile extra proof, evidence, and facts? After all, no one is going to grill you on your presentation. Just the opposite is true when it comes to debate. When debating an issue, figure on having three times the amount of material that you think you'll need. Why? Because you never know what rabbits your opponents are going to pull out of their hats. And when it comes to debate, the team with the greater amount of sound evidence usually wins. Me and My Shadow Most debaters work with a partner. As a result, teamwork is crucial to the success of your debate, no matter which side you're on. As you work with your partner, be sure to discuss the following issues: · What strategy to adopt · Which issues to stress