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Chapter 5. Common Communication Problems > Say What You Mean - Pg. 35

Common Communication Problems 35 Class Act Better communication can perhaps help people and groups more fully understand each other's position, but there's no saying that communication will soften or shift long-held opinions. Now, I'm not suggesting that the world institute a universal gag rule (though at times this seems like a splendid idea). Rather, I'm suggesting that communication is more subtle than better. At times reinforcing a point can be useful. At other times, though, running off at the mouth just worsens a situation. There are even times when it's best not to say anything at all: Keeping quiet can prevent you from saying things that you might later regret. The most effective communication occurs when you know both when to speak and when not to. These guidelines can help: · · · · · Extending communication cannot always help people resolve their problems. Less talk is often more productive than a great deal of talk. With communication, the content is important, not the amount. Some problems can actually be made worse by too much talking. Sometimes, it's best to just keep quiet.