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Chapter 5. Common Communication Problems > More Communication Isn't Always Bett... - Pg. 34

Common Communication Problems 34 Spoken language can be used to express important ideas, to bring people together, and to share feelings. On the other hand, some words spoken carelessly or deliberately can distort issues, shatter relationships, and suppress emotions. Does that sound like solving everything to you? Even if communication is not unkind or unethical, it's neither always appropriate or prudent. For instance, sometimes an impulse to share feelings creates anger rather than trust, or resentment rather than security. You shouldn't try to make communication artificially valuable. In the same way, you shouldn't try to make an important social impact when you're merely introducing a speaker at a seminar. Communication Can't Solve Everything Ever hear these time-honored sayings? · "If only people could talk openly with each other, there wouldn't be so many problems." · "If only countries understood each other, we could all live in peace and harmony." These clichés make it appear that all the world's ills could be solved if everyone could just sit down and really communicate with each other. That's pretty simplistic. Speech of the Devil