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Chapter 5. Common Communication Problems > Communication Can Be Complex - Pg. 37

Common Communication Problems 7 . 8 . 9 . 1 0 . If you got... 8­10 checks 5­7 checks 1­4 checks I'll talk to you any day! You're on your way to becoming a responsible communicator. Dish that dirt, baby (but not about me, please). 37 It's important to be careful when you talk about other people. It's important to avoid using private facts as a weapon. You anticipate the effects of your speech. You should be aware of the limits of your knowledge. Because the process of communication is multi-faceted, it's often easier to misunderstand people than it is to communicate with them. Even the most skilled communicators can benefit from training and practice--especially when it comes to giving a speech. The Least You Need to Know · Good communication can correct misunderstandings, but communication alone cannot change deep- seated feelings and long-held values. · More communication is not always better. · Our interpretation of words in a specific situation and the way we respond to them depend on our experi- ences, values, and emotions. · Silence can sometimes be the most effective form of communication.ience affects the preparation, pre-