Byte Me: Using PowerPoint 230 PowerPoint has a special application called Organization Chart that lets you easily design organi- zational charts for your slides. To start Organization Chart, choose the Insert | Object menu and then choose Microsoft Organization Chart from the object box. PowerPoint will then load Organi- zation Chart so you can create your graph. Movies and Sound Clips PowerPoint also accepts movies and sound clips. With the use of Media Player for Windows or QuickTime for Macintosh, you can insert a movie image on your slide. Your computer must have Media Player or QuickTime installed to use PowerPoint's multimedia capabilities. Text Time PowerPoint helps you change the style and characteristics of your text. To change the text format, choose the Format | Font menu to display the font dialog box. From this dialog box, you can choose the font, point size, font style, and text color for the selected text. Don't use a lot of different fonts and effects because it's easy to overdo it. Take a look at some examples: · The Emboss option places an embossing effect on your text. · The Superscript option raises the text above the current text line. · The Subscript option places the text below the current line. PowerPoint also enables you to define formatting characteristics for paragraphs of text. The Format | Align menu command lets you select the alignment of the text within the paragraph. The Format | Line Spacing menu command is used to set the spacing between lines of a paragraph. Use the Before Paragraph and After Paragraph boxes to set the line spacing before and after each selected