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Chapter 27. Byte Me: Using PowerPoint > What's the Object? - Pg. 229

Byte Me: Using PowerPoint 229 Class Act To avoid having to redo your formatting, save edited presentations under a different name. This way, if you don't like the new changes, you can reload the file and try another format. To save a presentation under a different name or in a different directory, select File | Save As from the menu. PowerPoint will then ask for a new name and directory for the presentation. Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Colors Color enhances the message on your slides and makes them more effective. PowerPoint has hun- dreds of color schemes that you can use to make professional-looking presentations. To change the color scheme, choose the Format | Slide Color Scheme menu from the Standard toolbar. This brings up a dialog box from which you can set colors for the background, text, lines, shadows, fills, and accents of your presentation. In the lower corner of the dialog box, you'll see a sample slide that shows you how your color choices will look. If you decide you don't like the changes and want to go back to the color scheme used on the master slide, click the Follow Master button. To make color coordination easier, click the Choose Scheme button. This displays another dialog box from which you can select a background color. After you've selected a background color, Pow-