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Chapter 16. Body Building > Write Away - Pg. 127

Body Building 127 Write Away Class Act The body of your speech is the heart of your message. It's the burger in your bun and the cream in your cupcake. Graceful, logical speeches seem artless. As any good speech writer will tell you, in reality they are the result of great practice, attention to detail, and intense concentration. In other words, it's hard work. If you're writing an informational speech, the body is where you provide the audience with facts. If you're writing a persuasive speech, the body is where you move your audience to action or belief. If you're writing an entertaining speech, the body is where you beguile, delight, and divert your listeners. The body of your speech is the longest part of your talk. As a result, you'll most likely spend the most time writing it. I recommend that you write it first--before you write your introduction. You Got the Time, I Got the Place For best results, spend only about a third of your writing time actually writing. Spend the first third