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Chapter 16. Body Building > Cast and Crew - Pg. 133

Body Building 133 Figure It Out Not all figures are statistics; some are just numbers. Statistics are numbers that show comparison or the relationship between ideas and things. They point out how something gets larger or smaller and illustrate how one circumstance affects another. Statistics impress an audience because they back up your claims. Take a look at some examples: · Today, about 60 percent of first marriages end in divorce. · According to the most recent statistics, the median age at a first marriage for women is 24.1; for men, 26.3. · In 1970, the federal government collected $195,722,096 in taxes; by 1998, the number had jumped to $1,176,685,625 collected. Speech of the Devil In order to maintain your credibility, you must be sure that the statistics you cite are accurate. Consult only reputable, up-to-date, recognized sources, such as the latest almanacs, government documents, or statistical abstracts. Also cite the source of your statistics in your speech to build an even stronger credibility.