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Chapter 16. Body Building > Tailored to Fit - Pg. 129

Body Building · · · · · Select the major point of your speech. Arrange your supporting information in a logical manner. State your thesis in a simple sentence. Make your point clear with explanations, details, facts, and examples. Restate the idea you have explained. 129 Now take a closer look at some of the most common organizational speech patterns. It's as Simple as A, B, C Class Act If at all possible, show how the method of organization you have selected directly relates to your audience's life. For example, if you're using chronological order, you might illustrate how the historical changes you de- scribe directly affect the quality of life for your audience. Or, if you're using numerical order, link the numbers to key social and political events, such as the Great Depression, World War II, and Kennedy's assassination. That will make the events important to your listeners. Don't dismiss alphabetical order because it's too simple and clear. Simple and clear are very good