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Are We There Yet?: Conclusions, Revisions, and Titles 142 Talk Soup An inducement is an incentive to sway a person to act or think in a certain way. Following is the entire text of the speech Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote for his 90th birthday tribute. Holmes delivered the speech over the radio on March 7, 1931. Notice the effectiveness of the quotations. In this symposium my part is only to sit in silence. To express one's feelings as the end draws near is too intimate a task. But I may mention one thought that comes to me as a listener-in. The riders in a race do not stop short when they reach the goal. There is time to hear the kind voices of friends and say to oneself, 'The work is done.' But just as one says that, the answer comes: 'The race is over, but the work never is done while the power to work remains. The canter that brings you to a standstill need not be only coming to rest. It cannot be, while you still live. For to live is to function. That is all there is to living.' And so I end with a line from a Latin poet who uttered the message more than 1,500 years ago: 'Death plucks my ear and says, Live--I am coming. The Grand Finale: Using Summary