An Ounce of Prevention: Rehearsing 241 Now you see why it pays to be thorough? This chapter explains the reasons why preparation is crucial to a smooth and successful speech. In addition, you'll learn my tried-and-true method for making the most of your rehearsal time. Finally, the chapter discusses documents to use when rehearsing, whether index cards or an actual manuscript. Why Rehearse? Just as actors rehearse a play, public speakers also rehearse their speeches. Practice might not make you perfect, but it will definitely help make you a more confident and competent speaker. My analogy was chosen deliberately: In many ways, delivering a speech is like acting. In both cases, you're giving a performance. And repeated practice is the best way to discover which parts of your speech work and which ones don't. It's also the best way to maximize your chances for success. Read on to find out how to make the most of your rehearsal time. Speech of the Devil "You shouldn't worry about rehearsing," a friend once said to me. "You'll give a great speech. After all, you've certainly done it enough." This is flattering, but it's bad advice. Rehearsing is crucial to the success of your speech delivery, no matter how experienced at speech-making you are.