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Chapter 3. All the World's a Stage > The Leader of the Pack - Pg. 22

All the World's a Stage · Motivate employees · Generate publicity · Rev up a sales team · Position yourself · Calm upset people · Garner support · Spark interest in a new service · Help you earn income · Make you well-known Also think about these points as you evaluate your message: 22 5. · Can I teach people something they didn't know? · Can I impart some knowledge that will help people? · Can I entertain the audience? · Can I move people to thought or action? · Can I persuade people to do something for the good of the community? · Can I pay tribute to a person? Self-confidence.I've already mentioned that the impression you convey can say as much about you as your words. Many factors determine how nervous you may feel: the people in the audience, how much sleep you got the night before, or what the speech means to your career. Exhibit poise about what you have to say and your ability to say it well. Don't leave the door open for your audience to doubt you; for instance, if you cite a surprising fact, acknowledge it