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Chapter 25. A Thousand Words: Visual Aids > Show and Tell Time - Pg. 213

A Thousand Words: Visual Aids 3. 213 4. Consider computer clip art. This offers a great way to prepare impressive-looking visual aids easily and quickly. It's also easy on the pocketbook: Clip art comes packaged with most soft- ware programs. Keep it simple. More images with fewer ideas on each are better than a few images that are complicated or difficult to understand. A single idea or set of facts per image, timed to the speaker's pace, will add punch and emphasis to each important idea, assuring maximum retention. Class Act Use bold, italic, underline, quotations, and/or color changes to emphasize key points or words in your visual aids. 5. Remember that visuals support your speech. The operative word is support. Visuals are sup- posed to support or aid you in giving the presentation, not replace you. And you don't want to support your visual aids instead of the other way around: Make sure you have a solid speech written that would do well even without visual aids. (This also can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong.) Don't...